Contagious – week 1

I have a confession, the movie Marley and Me was probably the movie where I laughed the most while watching it. Now before you think I’m a sadistic freak… It wasn’t so much the plot of the movie but the fact that I sat next to a friend that hds a freaky contagious laugh. And as soon as the first comment, worthy of a Rifftrax highlights special, was made it was all downhill from there.

Just as a contagious laugh can be caught without any resistance, God meant for our lives to be contagious in the same way. Just by living a life of integrity you can become a contagious Christian and start changing the world around you. In Micah 6:8 God gives Micah three pillars on which we can live our lives.

1. “Act Justly”

Not refering to justice but to a lifestyle that is influential in every way. One of the many meanings of “justly” refers to eagerness. We should have an eagerness that Hammy from the movie over the hedge can only dream of. Eager to study the word, eager about your church, eager to share the gospel and eager to love.
A person acting justly has the ability to discern their actions in every situation so their own testimony will not be harmed.

2. “Love Mercy”

God called us not just to have mercy and care for the homeless, the hurt, the needy and those far from God, but to LOVE doing it as well. Lets start loving a world and showing the mercy of God to the world because we love doing it, not just because it’s the “right thing to do”

3. “Walk Humbly”

For us to walk humbly, the most important thing is to actually WALK! We can so easily confuse being humble with a placid lifestyle. Rafa Nadal oozes confidence everytime he steps on to a tennis court, why? Because he knows on that court he is pretty close to unbeatable. Well, life is your tennis court and you can face the world with boldness knowing that God has given you everything you need to change your world. Humble people know they have massive capacity, but they know that everything they have comes from God and can be taken away in a blink of an eye! So stomach in, chest out and go do your thing!!

Go live a life of integrity and see how God will use your life to change the world!


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