Contagious – week 3

In order for any crop to grow a farmer needs fruitful ground. But fruitful ground without any seed is just… Well… Ground! There needs to be an intentional act of sowing for anything to grow.

In John 4 Jesus and the disciples are passing through Samaria. While the disciples are out in town, Jesus starts a conversation with a woman at a well. Long story short, the conversation she had with Jesus changed her life and she started changing her world.

On the disciples’ return Jesus makes a statement in John 4:34-37explaining what He did talking to the Samaritan woman, which was strictly prohibited.

We can easily be so preoccupied with preparing people’s lives to be acceptant for the gospel, that we actually miss sowing seed in their lives and giving them the gospel. Throughout Jesus’ life we find that he was intentional with everyone he came across. Realise that God has given you relationships in your life, so that you can make a difference in their lives. But if you aren’t intentional in your relationships, you will miss opportunities to make a difference.

Here are three things that will help you be more intentional.

1. Open your eyes. John 4:35

Start listening to what people say, when someone says “it’s going okay” when you greet them, don’t just walk on by, find out what’s bothering them. Be there for people when they go through tough times. Watch their body language, are they alone in a crowd of people? Dont miss opportunities because you are so preoccupied with your own life.

2. Prepare yourself. 1 Peter 3:15

Remember times when God did something great in your life, or trusted him for something and He came through. Use your own testimony, it doesn’t have to be the dramatic stories we usually hear, your story is perfect in the hands of Christ, use it!

Get to know the Word of God, for it is the truth that will set people free. The more you read your bible the more you will get to know God’s promises over every human being, so that we can give hope to the hopeless and joy to the morning and give a glimpse of a future to those caught in the past.

3. Sharpen your conversations Col 4:6

When everyone else is complaining about their future, gossiping or speaking negatively, do you just follow the conversation? Or do you speak of hope? Of grace to every human being? Do you speak the truth? As long as what you say is full of grace and love and without judgement, it will not offend people.

There is a world out there ready for the gospel, but we need to step up and start to intentionally sow seed in their lives.


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