Cross Shaped Chocolate Eggs

Because I preferred kicking around a ball almost shaped like an egg, I probably had only one proper easter egg hunt in my lifetime. It was a day I will never forget, for I failed miserably. I embarked on an egg hunt worthy of a Navy Seal search party. But unfortunately, much like the Lions trying to find a win, I found nothing! For the simple reason that there were no eggs to be found.
Our, sometimes over-spiritual, teacher decided to replace the eggs with chocolate crosses (which in hindsight is a pretty cool way to teach children about the true meaning of easter), but it sucked for me cause I lost. Something I hate more than brushing my teeth with river sand. I was looking for the wrong shape of chocolate.

Throughout our lives we trust God for certain things or breakthroughs. But, because of various influences and circumstances, we mould our own image and idea of “provision”.
Faith? Well the question is are we trusting God for the outcome, or are we trusting Him for the package in which it comes?

So often we miss God’s provision in our lives not beacause it’s not there, but because we are so focused on our preconceived ideas of how it should look like. You might be trusting God for a million Rands, but instead of a check magically appearing in your briefcase, it looks like a job as a junior employee but that will lead to you becoming the CEO of the company, making millions.
Or you want your ministry to be effective and influencial, but instead of magically receiving an invite to speak at the Hillsong conference, it looks like sweeping floors and packing chairs.
Or you might be trusting God for a husband or wife, but they might not be earning the salary you imagined your husband would be earning.

Faith: “believing that God is who He says He is, and that He will do everything He has promised”

Let’s trust God to open our eyes and trust Him completely,laying down our own ideas and timelines and embracing the outcome of provision rather than the package. Let’s trust the Holy Spirit to guide us and give us understanding. If only I focused on searching for chocolate, I would have won the easter “egg” hunt.


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