Prodigy – week 2

So there I was in the gym when in the corner of my eye I saw a girl on the bench next to me. So naturally I saw it as an opportunity to show off my unbelievably over rated strength. I loaded my bar with more weights than a sumo wrestling convention. All went well for the first rep, and then….. FAIL! My life flashed before my eyes as I was being killed by the killer barbell.
Expecting some guy with guns bigger than a rambo sequel to come to my rescue, I was gutted to realise that the person who, in one effertless movement, lifted the bar and placed it on the rack, was in fact a woman! She was a bodybuilder with legs like a retired police horse. Ego bruised beyond repair!!

There is a prodigy inside you! Where the world focus on the strengths and talents of a person to qualify them as a prodigy. God looks only at one thing, Christ in you, the Hope of Glory (Col 1:27)
He doesn’t call perfect people, but people with flaws and weaknesses. Just as the woman’s strength was placed in perspective with my weakness, God wants to use our weaknesses to make a difference and show His strength.

Please Note!! God will not use your SIN to make a difference, but your weaknesses. For example,
lying and corruption will never be tools in God’s hands.

But Paul hits the nail on the head in 2 Cor 12:5-10. Paul states that he will boast in only one thing, in his weaknesses, for God’s strength is made perfect in your weakness. Here is three points that will help you understand how God can use your weaknesses to do something awesome.

1. The thing that frustrates you most about yourself is powerful in God’s hands
Peter had this “do before I think” thing going on throughout his life. It was the source of so many of his failures and we might perceive it as a weakness, and I’m pretty sure it must have been a frustration for Peter. But it was the source of his greatest moment as well! He walked on water!!

Maybe the fact that you’re shy frustrates you because you feel you never have the right words to say, God can use you to be great listener! For me, there is always 10 000 things going on in my head, it causes me to be horrible with remembering names and sometimes in conversations I lose focus. But it’s the same thing that helps me with creative thinking and problem solving.

Ask yourself the question: is this really a weakness, or just an unguarded strength?

2. You are at your strongest, when you realise you can’t do this.
If we look at every prodigy that did something great for God in the Bible, they all had a moment when they realised…. “I can’t do this”…. Moses, Gideon, Paul, David etc. In that moment they became strong, because God’s strength took over and they did something awesome! His strength was made perfect in their weakness, and the world could not give credit to anyone but God Himself.

What is God calling you to do that you know you can’t do without Him?

3. Your deepest wound is an opportunity for God’s greatest victory.
We all go through pain and people and situations hurt us. I know I can’t imagine how much hurt was caused in your life, but God can use your deepest wound to change people’s lives. Maybe you have been divorced, God can use you to help other people going through divorce. Maybe your husband or boyfriend cheated on you or left you again, God can use that so you don’t make the same mistake again, and you can help someone else not make the same mistake.
Maybe it’s a sin that you commited and it caused pain and you feel like it disqualifies you to be used by God… He can use that to touch peoples lives through your life and testimony.

God can handle your weakness!

Your weakness is what makes you a prodigy in God’s eyes!


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