The Hand Over

One of the biggest highlights of my life happened a few years ago when I had the opportunity to drive my dream car. A Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing.

I was as excited as a overweight kid seeing an ice cream truck. But more than that, I couldn’t believe that someone would entrust me with their most precious possession.

We celebrate today, the day Jesus ascended to heaven. At that moment, just as the owner of the merc entrusted me with his car, God entrusted us with the world. The work of Jesus was complete and Jesus knew that He had done enough that the world was in safe hands, our hands! Here are two things He trusts you with, because He believes in you so much.

1. The ultimate trust.
Jesus entrusted us with His most precious possession, people. Matthew 28:19 He trusted 11 ordinary, imperfect men to go and make disciples of ALL nations. But He didn’t just commission His disciples, but He commissioned you and I as well.

God believes in you!! He has given you everything you need to be able to change your world. He has given us the Holy Spirit to equip and guide us, to empower us when we are weak, to give us understanding when we lack, to comfort us when we need it most. He didn’t leave us on our own but he equiped us!

God trusted you with the people in your life. Lets love them unconditionally and without limits!

2. Trusts us to live
We can so easily find ourselves living with one goal in life, to get to heaven. But the danger with this is that we start to isolate ourselves from the world, life on earth is seen as this struggle and heaven as the escape.
But God had so much more in mind for us, a life of abundance and of joy. John 10:10 He trusts us to live a life that people will admire, not because we are so awesome, but because we ooze out Christ in every situation and in everything we do.

God didn’t trust us to GET to heaven, He trusted us to have something of heaven on earth

We remember today the day God called us good enough!! He trusts you!!


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