Prodigy – week 3

Talent alone will never make a star athlete. Someone can have all the golfing talent in the world, but if they’re not willing to make certain sacrifices they will stay an average golfer… All together now… “duh!!”. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Then why is it so difficult to understand when it comes to God’s calling over our lives?

Calling alone will never make a prodigy! So many people think God’s calling alone will be enough to carry them through and they can just sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s so much more than just developing the gifts God gave you. It’s about the sacrifices you are willing to make to step into God’s perfect plan for your life.

I have a friend who I truly believe has the capacity to change the world. She definitely has what it takes!! She recently took a step of faith that I don’t know if I would have had the guts to take, but God is busy doing great things in her life. I asked myself, what makes her different? What is causing her to become the prodigy God meant for her to become? …. And the answer is simple: Nehemiah!

Nehemiah was one of the biggest prodigies in the bible, he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days when everyone thought it would take at least a YEAR!! Nehemiah 6:15,16 she has the same commitment that Nehemiah had. We are going to look at Nehemiah’s life and what caused him to “have what it takes”.

Here are three questions from Nehemia’s life to help you gauge whether you got what it takes!

1. Are you willing to take what’s keeping you up at night and make it your ministry? Nehemiah 1:4
When Nehemiah heard the state which Jerusalem was in and the troubles his people was facing, his heart broke! He wept for days, God gave him a burden which became his ministry. What is the thing that breaks your heart? What keeps you up at night? Maybe it is the lost state of many high school students, or you can’t stand dishonest bussiness ventures. Allow God to break your heart for what breaks His, it might be a clue to what God wants to do through your life.

2. Are you willing to exchange your comfort for your calling? Nehemiah 2:1-5
Nehemiah was willing to exchange the comfort of staying in the palace, having all his needs met, having a great relationship with the most powerful king in the world, for a fallen and disstressed Jerusalem. A place that was under attack and Nehemiah didn’t know if he would even make it out alive. He could have convinced himself that he can rather use his influence with king Art, but he knew God called HIM to make the difference. When God calls us it will be uncomfortable, it will seem impossible and you will get resistence from the enemy. But push through the uncomfortable situations and see God doing something great through your life.

3. Are you willing to get the right people in and take the wrong ones out? Nehemiah 2:18,19
The first thing Nehemiah did was surround himself with people that believed in God and in Him. I can with remarkable accuracy predict where your calling is heading when I look at the 5 people closest to you. Surround yourself with people that build you up, that support you in your dreams and are with you all the way. And limit the influence negative people have in your life, even if they are the people closest to you.


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