Prodigy – week 4

So it’s been an interesting week with the unbelievable team from New Life Church in Colorado, USA. Their serving heart and their love for Christ has been a tremendous blessing. Can we hear it for Adam and Christie Rae!!

Newton’s 2nd law states “Any action has an equal and opposite reaction”, if you throw a ball against a wall….. it will bounce back. If you paint a painting of South Africa’s president….. Never mind! But in your spiritual life it’s very much the same, except that the reaction is always for your good. Please note, for your GOOD not your COMFORT!

Over the last few weeks we looked at different aspects of the prodigy that’s inside every one of us (see Prodigy week 1-3). When you decide to step up to the plate and become the prodigy God intended you to be, there will be certain things that flow out from that decision. Here are three things you can expect when you unleash your prodigyness.

1. Every MISSION will encounter OPPOSITION.
When you start doing something amazing for God the Devil will hate you! He will try everything in his power to stop you, because if God unleashes the prodigy in you, you WILL change your world. Just like Goliath mocked David when they battled (1 Samuel 17:43-44) Satan will try to get you to focus on your weaknesses and mock them because he knows your true capacity in Christ. That’s moment you should stop believing in yourself and start believing in the God in you!

We are not fighting FOR victory, we are fighting FROM victory.

2. If you start the COURSE people would want to know the SOURCE.
In the cartoon Popeye people would always want to know the source of Popeye’s strength. And it was simple, Spinach! Right after David defeated Goliath, Saul asked the following question in 1 Samuel 17:55-56 “whose son is that young man?”. When you start unleashing the prodigy in you people will ask “whose son is that person”. You will do such great things that they will not ask “who is that?”, but they would want to know what’s your “spinach”, the source of your power. And you can proclaim the mighty power of God in you that made you do things that seemed impossible!

4. God’s PROMOTION for our DEVOTION. 1 Samuel 18:5
You will start to realise that God will promote you in His time, His perfect timing. All we need to do is use what He has placed in our hands for this season and not only do it, but do it WELL! David did EVERYTHING Saul commanded and he did it well. Even if what you are doing now seems far from what’s in your heart, do it with devotion and to the best of your ability and see God give you opportunities and promote you.

3. Even if there is a DENT you would still be CONTENT
I drive a Ford Fiesta, it is about 6 years old. It has a few dents and scratches that it picked up over the years, dents happen but it doesn’t change the ability of the car to get me where I need to be. I’m content with my car. In life you will fail, you will make mistakes, you will have little, you will have plenty and you will get dents along the road, but at the end of the day it is just a dent. You will be content whatever the curcimstances . Paul describes it so wonderfully in Philippians 4:11-13. The prodigy in you and the fact you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you will cause you to be content in every situation. Because a true prodigy knows that the prodigy in them is not FOR them, and definitely not for their comfort!

Are you ready to be unleashed in this world by the creator of the universe? He believes in you even when sometimes you don’t believe in yourself.



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