What’s your gameplan?

So I have played in a number of teams in my lifetime in various sports. I have played under coaches who believed that defense was the most important thing, other coaches believed that attack was the deciding factor, I even played under a coach that was convinced that if everyone on the team had the mindset of Mike Tyson we would win every game.
Some of these coaches were really succesfull and some of them weren’t… Why is that?

There was one big difference, the coaches who didn’t make it were tactical and the successfull coaches were strategic. If you have a strategy you have an end in mind, but if you only have tactics you are only playing the moment and all you do is counter.

The same applies to our lives, if we really want to make a difference we need to start being strategic with our approach to life rather than tactical. Here are some differences in approaching life from a strategic and a tactical point of view.

1. Strategic people are known for what they are for, tactical people are known for what they are against.
Tactical sport teams apply tactics to stand against what their apponent is doing. For too long has the church been known for standing against everything bad in society. Jesus didn’t come to be against actions, but he came to be for living a life in Christ, if you find your true identity in Christ the actions will take care of itself.
Instead of proclaiming to people how miserable their life is without Christ, proclaim to them how amazing and fullfilled their life in Christ will be. Instead of being against drug abuse, be for freedom in Christ. Lets start proclaiming what we are FOR!!

2. Strategic people are focussed, tactical people are easily distracted.
The Devil is the father of all lies, he will destroy your life if you run after those lies. But the lies aren’t always related to sin, they can be the smallest thing distracting you from truly living the life God intended you to live. Tactical people will believe anything they read or hear, from getting rid of all your paintings and sculptures and “cleaning your house” , believing that the world will end in 2012 or spending days trying to figure out if Jonah was really in a fish. Where strategic Christians know that their only focus is Christ and His perfect work on the cross. They are focussed and they know the authority and calling in their own lives, and anything outside of that is useless.

3. Strategic people are proactive, tactical people are reactive
A successfull sports team control the game, they initiate attacks and they enforce their strategy on the game. Strategic Christians enforce the victory of Christ in this world. They don’t react to whatever the Devil tries to do, they don’t wait till something bad happens to do something, they prevent it from happening. Strategic Christians seek opportunity to influence others and tell them about the love of God, they are generous by nature and they portray a humble confidence that can only be found in God.



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