If The Shoe Fits

What is any 4 year old’s biggest dream?…. To wear mom and dad’s shoes of course! We see a child wearing shoes that are just way too big and we think it’s so cute. Just as a child grows and their shoe size increases, so it is with our spiritual lives, as we grow spiritually our shoe size increases.

John gives us three stages or shoes sizes of spiritual growth in 1 John 2:12-14 (click on the link to go to passage). Using the stages as a scale I want you to gauge where you are and see where you can grow.

Shoe size 1 – “children”
Babies know who their parents are, but they don’t KNOW their parents. The same goes for spiritual children, they know about God, and believe in Him, but don’t know anything more than that.

My niece is a year old in July. I love her to bits and there’s one thing I’ve noticed, whatever she picks up, anywhere, she immediatly puts in her mouth. Spiritual children are just like my niece, anything about God that they hear, read or see from any source goes to their mouth and they believe it. Not all christian books are good for you, not all preachers build their believes on the complete work of Christ in their lives. Look what Paul writes in Ephesians 4:14 don’t be like children, build your faith on the truth and what God has done on the cross. That way we will never be worried about the enemy’s plans, cause our God greater and bigger than any weapon formed against us.

Choose your books, sermons and other resources carefully.

Shoe size 2. – “young men.”
Just starting to discover the authority they have and that God has called them to do great things, Spiritual young men are strong, they are dangerous, but they can be a danger to themselves as well. Paul gives us one tip for young men in Titus 2:6. Self-control! young men have a passion to make a difference, but saying and doing the right thing at the right time is crucial. Ask God for wisdom so that you don’t put people off, but lead them to Christ in a gentle way.

John states in verse 14 where young men get their strength from, The word of God! The only way you will realise what God has placed inside of you is by meditating on the word, read your Bible and discover how you grow stronger and more self controlled.

Shoe size 3. – “Fathers”
Fathers are strong, they are stable they are set in their believes, their circumstances doesn’t determine their faith, in good times and in bad they still believe. They have the faith of a child, the power and determination of a young man and the self control only maturity brings. But Fathers are called to help children and young men. If you are a spiritual father, who are you mentoring or helping? Where are you giving back to the next generation?

God wants us all to become fathers. Don’t stagnate where you are, but seek God more intensely than ever and you will see yourself grow and eventually become a father, a leader of the next generation.

Which shoe fits? Time to get bigger shoes…


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