Generosity Revolution – week 1

Jason has never been so nervous in his life. An appointment with one of the most affluent people in the city. “What does he want from me? Am I in trouble?”, just some of the thoughts that ran through his mind… The reason for the appointment, a businessman giving $5000 per month to Jason for one reason and one reason only, to use the money to make a difference in peoples lives. Money to touch the poor, the needy, the church where ever Jason feels God wants to use him.

If you were Jason, what would you do? How would you handle the money?

God has done exactly that to us. Everything you have, time, talents and resources, God gave you to be generous and to make a difference for His Kingdom. You are blessed to be a blessing, not to gather for yourself and your own riches.

To be smart , spend carefully. To be wise, save regularly. To be genius, give extravagantly.

Here are four reasons why it is genius to be generous.

  1. Generosity transforms your life.

Great things happen to people who are generous, they feel great and best of all, great things happen to the people around them. Acts 20:35, Proverbs 11:25. When you are generous you will be blessed in more ways than you can ever imagine. You will find a joy that is far greater than any other. You will find a refreshing energy source that will give you purpose and enhance your calling. But a stingy heart will end up empty every single time!

  1. Generosity connects you with others.

There is nothing as attractive as a person who does nice things, someone who pays the bill or go out of their way to bless you. When people are generous and gracious, they exude love and happiness. Generosity will give you the opportunity to speak into peoples lives, to hear their story and open their hearts.

  1. Generosity helps you to invest in what matters.
Matthew 6:19-24 talks about investing. Generosity is a guaranteed investment, guaranteed by God Himself. Everything we do is an investment, our time, talents and resources are all investments we make. Whether you like it or not you are constantly investing yourself in people, projects and possessions. You can do that intentionally or randomly.
We can easily read Matthew 6:19-24 and think that we should not gather any possessions and live a “poor” life, but the key to that passage is the phrase “for yourselves”. Yes gather resources, but do it so you can touch peoples lives and not just for your own comfort. The Bible gives us three ways we can be generous, giving to the church, acts of kindness (doesn’t matter how small), caring for the poor.
  1. Generosity frees your heart.
Matthew 6:21. Money is not just the mirror of your heart, but it’s the indication of where your heart is heading. Your heart will ALWAYS follow your investments. Where your money goes, your heart flows. If you want a passion for the kingdom of God, invest in his church and his people and your heart WILL follow.
Lets start a generous revolution!!

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