Become Dangerous

Dangerous” – Much like the current Australian rugby team it is not a word used to describe the run of the mill christian. The Incredible Hulk… Black Mamba… a 50cal. Sniper Rifle… McGyver… a 16 year old teenager… Now we’re talking Dangerous! But there’s something inside every single one of us that enables us to be dangerous in the Kingdom of God.

Let’s look at 3 characteristics of a dangerous Person.

They Put Lives in Danger

In Acts 8:26-36 we find the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Minister of Finances. Little did the minister know that his life was in danger the moment God asked Philip to walk next to his chariot. Philip took the opportunity to influence the minister’s life by speaking and explaining the word of God. It doesn’t say much about their conversation but whatever Philip said was powerful enough that the minister decided to be baptised right then and there.

If we want to be dangerous we need to sharpen our conversations. Let’s not just speak about the weekends rugby game, or what the Kardashians are up to, but let’s allow the Word of God to consume our hearts in such a way that it flows out of our mouths. Let’s intentionally seek opportunities to speak the word of God into the people we come across. May people’s old “sinful” lives be in danger in our presence…. Oh and Philip teleports later on in verse 39.

The Type of Person You Want by Your Side

The story of Jonathan (Saul’s son) in 1 Samuel 14:4-7 is one of my favourite stories. The Philistines are beating Israel to the ground like a Floyd Mayweather fight. There are only two swords left in the whole of Israel, one with Jonathan and one with Saul. Jonathan decides to take on a Philistine outpost with only his armour bearer by his side. In verse 6 Jonathan says the following.

Let’s go across to the outpost of those pagans,” Jonathan said to his armor bearer. “Perhaps the Lord will help us,

 Perhaps!!!! Perhaps!!! that gives you about as much confidence as Windows 95. Jonathan wasn’t sure, he doubted. And yet in a moment of doubt in a moment of weakness, the armour bearer said “Let’s do it! I am with you”. We can become dangerous when we start supporting and moving in next to those who are weak, those who doubt. We become the body of Christ, supporting each other in the moments of weakness. And let’s start supporting what Christ is stirring in someone else’s heart even if it seems impossible.

They are Determined

A fighter who never gives up and keeps on coming back and gives their all is the dangerous fighters. Four friends carrying their paralysed friend through a roof, believing that Jesus can heal and save him. Most of us know the story in Mark 2:1-5 where 4 dangerous men were determined enough to push through obstacles to get there friend to Christ. One of the coolest verses in this passage is verse 5

Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralyzed man, “My child, your sins are forgiven.”

Seeing THEIR faith Jesus heals the paralysed man. Who are the people in your life that you are trusting God for? Lets become determined enough to push through whatever obstacles to get that person to Christ. Never stop praying and never stop believing that God will heal or touch their lives.

Can you imagine the impact when we all start living DANGEROUS lives? Go and be DANGEROUS!!


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