Look At That View – 3 Leadership porch questions.

So Suné, my beautiful wife, has this dream of us one day sitting on a porch… in our rocking chairs… drinking coffee… holding wrinkly hands… watching our children… and their children… and their children playing in the wide open spaces that our house would over look (Obviously we will be living on a golf estate).

If you can sit on a porch and look at your organization “playing” in the wide open spaces your leadership created, What will you see?  Continue reading Look At That View – 3 Leadership porch questions.


What are you wearing?

You can tell a lot about a person just by looking at what they are wearing. In many cases you can tell who/what someone is following. A bold man with an orange robe sitting legs crossed, might be a follower of Budha. An expressionistic man in blue with two horns attached to a hard hat and an over sized nose ring… You guessed it… Probably a Blue Bulls rugby supporter. (A team which I am proud to support.)

Then what should we as followers of Christ wear?
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Every year we see the same story repeating itself in tournaments all over the world. It’s as predictable as every season of How I met Your Mother. A team starts off with a fairly good starting team, they manage to beat the best in the business, they have everyone talking… And then… Injuries! They lose key players, momentum and eventually confidence. The problem is DEPTH, they had no players to fall back on when the unexpected happened. Like every sport team needs to build depth to survive “when injuries happen”, we need to build spiritual depth for “when life happens” Continue reading Depth

Become Dangerous

Dangerous” – Much like the current Australian rugby team it is not a word used to describe the run of the mill christian. The Incredible Hulk… Black Mamba… a 50cal. Sniper Rifle… McGyver… a 16 year old teenager… Now we’re talking Dangerous! But there’s something inside every single one of us that enables us to be dangerous in the Kingdom of God.

Let’s look at 3 characteristics of a dangerous Person.

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The Filter Problem

So I recently found a love for coffee, I know, this means one of two things: (1.) it’s either a sign of the end days or (2.) I’m getting older. Repent NOW!!… Just kidding… The thing that fascinates me about coffee is the different techniques and the exact science it takes to brew a perfect cup of coffee. The bible even states the importance of coffee in the book of HeBrews. In my attempt to make a perfect cup of filter coffee I decided to grind my own coffee beans. But I realised that if I’m not careful, the filter lets some of the ground coffee through and it ends up destroying the coffee.

Throughout our lives we are taught to filter our words and our actions, but that doesn’t really work does it?

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A Chain of Events that can Destroy the World

So it’s been while… The last few months have been tough, but it’s good to be back.

I’m writing this post while I’m watching the sunset at the beautiful Camps Bay in Cape Town, South Africa. I’m enjoying the breathtaking view of the sun setting over miles and miles of ocean, I can’t help but think of a particular scene in a movie…. Yes you guessed it, DEEP IMPACT!!

In short, a meteor impacts the earth, harder than a four year old falling at a wedding reception, and almost destroys mankind. The impact causes devestation including creating a title wave that destroys everything in sight. It was an unfortunate series of events that almost destroyed life as we know it.

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Brother From Not Such a Different Mother

Lets play a game, can you guess what I’m talking about, here’s a few clues: Without this substance CSI Miami will be rendered useless. Without this substance you will be as unique as a red speedo on the set of Baywatch. In essence this substance is what makes you who you are. This substance might be the only link you have to your family. I’m talking about “Deoxyribonucleic Acid” (15 points if you know what that is….) it is what we call DNA!!

But whose DNA are we really carrying?

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The Wipe Out

So there’s one thing not many people know about me, I love to paint. Not sure if I’m any good, but for someone with no vision in their right eye and only 20% in their left, my paintings would be brilliant. There is just one problem, I rarely finnish a painting. I will have this perfect image in mind and then what I paint doesn’t come close to the image I want. I then have to wipe out everything and start all over. The relentless pursuit of perfection….

When Jesus died the whole human race died, when He was raised from the dead the whole human race was raised up with Him. Everything was made new in Jesus Christ, our point of defining who we really are, is found in Christ, and in Christ alone.
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The Rock and Roll That Built a City

I went to see a musical-theatre production last week with some of the best friends a man can ask for. The production is called “ons vir jou” which is afrikaans for “we are for you”, a common patriotic phrase used by the Afrikaners in South africa. The show was brilliant!! I walked out of that theatre feeling proud and more patriotic than Mel Gibson could ever be. I got to know a part of South African history that defines who I am and where I come from in a big way….

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Generosity Revolution – week 1

Jason has never been so nervous in his life. An appointment with one of the most affluent people in the city. “What does he want from me? Am I in trouble?”, just some of the thoughts that ran through his mind… The reason for the appointment, a businessman giving $5000 per month to Jason for one reason and one reason only, to use the money to make a difference in peoples lives. Money to touch the poor, the needy, the church where ever Jason feels God wants to use him.

If you were Jason, what would you do? How would you handle the money?

God has done exactly that to us. Everything you have, time, talents and resources, God gave you to be generous and to make a difference for His Kingdom. You are blessed to be a blessing, not to gather for yourself and your own riches.

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